Commodity Trading

Talking about the commodities market it is known for the product or the goods where the investors invest in. The products that are included in the segments are  metals, food, energy etc. usually it includes the product that we use in our day to day life. These products are tradable in nature due to which one can easily buy and sell them freely. Commodities are in short tradable in nature which can be easily bought and sold. 

The four major groups of the commodities are

Metals – Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper etc.

Energy (Gas) – Crude oil, Gasoline, Heating gas etc.

Agriculture – Wheat, Rice, Cocoa, Ragi etc.

Livestock & Meat – Eggs, Cattle etc.

The trading in India has been going since ancient times however due to the poor mismanagement and government policies it has fragmented markets and foreign invasions reduced its popularity.

After the introduction of the exchanges like MCX and NCDEX commodity trading in India it has regained its importance and held the popularity back.

What is commodity trading in India?

Commodity trading in India is buying and selling and trading  of the commodities. This usually goes through trading in India through derivative contracts such as commodity futures and options.

A commodity derivative is a contract in which the future and option derives its values for the underlying assets called the commodity. 

The underlying commodities includes the raw materials or primary goods such as wheat, gold, crude oil, etc. it includes the manufactured or processed products. This is usually done in lots, such as barrels of oil, bushels of corn, kgs of wheat, etc. so when these mature you can either go for the physical delivery or you can go for the physical delivery of the product or settle in cash, as per the terms of the contract.

You can also easily take the benefits of the price fluctuation in commodities without directly investing into the futures or other derivative instruments through exchange-traded funds or exchange-traded notes.

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