Delivery market

Delivery trading is a kind of trading where one can invest in the stock market for a long period of time. The time can differ, some can go for years, some can go for a week or a month. The delivery trade time limit depends on the personal financial goals and when they are fulfilled the trade is over. The trade can be related to anything like stocks, commodities, bonds, mutual fund units, etc.

Investing using the delivery trade helps in setting long term goals for the people investing in the penny stock can go for the delivery trading as they can buy it right now and sell it at a double triple profit. Also one can invest in the stock when there is a profit they can invest during the dip and have an eye for the long term profit. This means one can buy the stock at a lower price and sell it in higher to earn desired profit. 

What are the Advantages of Delivery Trading?

Above we discussed the delivery trade. Getting a complete look of the delivery trading now look for the advantages for the same 

Ownership Rights

This stock gives you the ownership right as you pay the complete amount when you purchase the stock and take the delivery for the stock securities. These can be used as savings against personal loan in the future.


The ownership over the the securities give you the complete control over securities. It comes under your control whether you want to sell them or not. You can decide everything from selling it to no of unit you want to sell and many more thing. The owner doesn’t have the boundations regarding the sell & hence you control your profit and losses.

Stock Specific Advantages

This also makes you eligible for the dividend provided by the companies and additional features like stock bonuses, right issues & value creation due to mergers.

Long Term Investment

You can hold the shares as long as you want depending on you when you see the profit you can sell it. This is a better way of creating the long term wealth generation and also create additional capital generation from stock value appreciation & dividend pay-outs. This can also help in involving the taxation at a favourable (lower) rate of tax which helps in tax planning and reducing the overall tax burden.

Simple & Less Risky

Delivery trading also helps in reducing the risk that comes with the trading. They have the trading discipline & reduces speculation.

Stock Market Advisory Delivery Plan

This plan is curated for the one who wants to invest in the delivery market and is looking for moderate returns with low risk.

Who should use the service 

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