Future and Option

What are Futures and Options?

Future and options are the two focused stock derivatives trading in the share market. These are kind of the contract which is signed by the two parties for the trading a stock on the pre set price for a later day. 

These contracts try to make a boundary for the market risks that are involved in the market in the trading by just setting the price beforehand.

The future and options are the contracts that have derived their prices from the assets such as shares, stock market indices, commodities, ETFs, and more. Future and Option gives the individual to reduce the risk with the investment via the pre assumed prices. Moreover the  Futures and options the direction of price movements cannot be predicted, this can be a profit or can result in the loss if the assumption is inaccurate. The traders who are well handed with the stock knowledge or primarily participate in such trades.

Difference between Futures and Options

Future and option trading are two different terms of obligations imposed on individuals. 

Future acts as liability for the investor which requires it to be done on a contract basis on a pre set date on the other hand contract  of option gives the right to do so.

On the other hand the futurecontract but sell is a predetermined contract set on a pre date on the price which is decided. 

The option contract gives the buyer a choice to do the same if he or she sees the profits from a trade.Types of Futures and Options

While futures contracts hold the same rules for both buyers and sellers of a contract, an options derivative can be divided into two types. Individuals entering an options contract to sell a particular asset at a pre-asserted price on a future date can do so by signing a put option contract. Similarly, individuals aiming to purchase a particular asset in the future can enter into a call option to lock in the price for future exchange.

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